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Films By Angus Stewart

Title: Tobermory: Moments from a year

Year of release: 2008

Discription: Landscape painter Angus Stewart's first film is a playful portrait of his home town, Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. The structure of the film is a year made into one day, showing times of year and events in a small highland community. A quirky rework of the traditional tourist film form.

The film is suitable for all ages and has been used by a number of teachers in schools for projects based around ideas of community and place in Scotland.

It features the music. Robert Ghillies, Rob Reid Gillies, Ronnie Leckie, Charles Maclean and the group Moishe's Bagel. These musicians retain all rights to their music but have consented to allow its use in this film .


Tobermory moments from a year DVD jacket design

The film was first test screened on the 24th April 2008 at the Tobermory Film Club at An Tobar Art Centre. It then was selected by Highland Council to go on tour in an exhibition as part of the Year of Homecoming 2009 event. Since then it has been on sale as a DVD in Tobermory and by mail order.

Purchase info: PAL DVD format. length 48 mins, Price £10 + £1 postage: Phone orders: 01688 302781

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Second film by Angus Stewart

Title: Tobermory and the Otter

Info: PAL SD format. length 50 mins

Description: A once in a life time wildlife story from the West of Scotland. A solitary, wild otter becomes bold enough to takes up residence in Tobermory on the picturesque isle of Mull. Artist, Angus Stewart's film, made over the course of 2 years, follows this wild otter as it transformed from a naturally timid and reclusive nocturnal animal into a remarkable, bold and much loved feature in the town. The film has remarkable otter footage mixed with otter stories told by island residents. It is carefully crafted and grows into an intensely personal, lyrical, poetic portrait of the otters life. Its informative, funny and surprising wildlife documentary that builds into a poignant celebration of life in a small town Scottish Island community. Suitable for all ages.

Narrator: Kirsteen Shilson, Alasdair Satchel

Otter stories: Daniel Brooks , Calan Maclean, Lewis Brown,Steve Irvine, Richard Fairbairns, Gus Stewart, John Maughan, David Sexton, Tommy Watt, Jean Whittaker.

The film is finished but not available on DVD. Screenings for up to 12 people in the Breadalbane Street Studio, Tobermory, PA756PE phone 01688302781 if your coming to Tobermory and wish to see the film.




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Headpond films is a small production company that manages the film production output of artist Angus Stewart and is the sole agent, funder and distributor, for the film works of Angus Stewart. Headpond films manages the rights associated with Angus Stewart's film work including consent to use footage, consents for public screenings in venues such as schools, holiday accommodation, public houses, hotels, and all places other than residences. Consent is required prior to a film being shown in all such places. Depending on the venue consent may be given or require payment. Headpond Films also manages payments to agents and musicians for the right to use their work in his films.